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The retail price for the Daily Essentials Pack is $99. However, the Affiliate price is $69. Since retail commissions are the difference between the retail and Affiliate price, your commission on the retail sale of the Daily Essentials Pack is a whopping $30 per customer! Times that by three customers, and your commission is now $90!!

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Slender Crunch Organic Cookie

Slender Crunch Diet Cookies

Regeneration Diet CookiesCurb your appetite and satisfy your hunger!

Try our All Natural Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie

‘Sprouted by Nature’
Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie

Slender Crunch Ingredients are all natural and organic, including raw coconut oil for healthy fats and low-glycemic raw coconut sugar, which provides an appetizing and healthy alternative for achieving an ideal body weight. We will never include toxic and dangerous synthetic weight loss chemicals in our products.

We’ve also added nutrient dense Biblical organic sprouted grain flours. Sprouting enhances the bioavailability of nutrients and aids in digestion. When germination occurs, anti-nutrients such as phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors are reduced or eliminated.

(Click on Image to Try Slender Crunch)
Regeneration Diet Cookie
Slender Crunch
Healthy Weight Loss

When taken as directed, eating the all-natural potato extract found in the delicious, anti-aging, organic Slender Crunch cookie can result in significant weight loss and reductions in waist and hip measurements.

• Get on the road to feeling slim and sexy 
• Delicious chocolate chip proprietary blend
• Simple, easy, effective weight-loss strategy 
• Easy, convenient “grab-it-and-go” weight loss
• Secret is how the cookies suppress appetite 
• Healthy and nourishing strategy for success!
• Cookies entice dieters into easier weight loss 
• Eat diet cookies when you are hungry!
• Curb your appetite and satisfy your hunger! 
• Cookies keep you feeling full on low calories.

What’s more easy or convenient than grabbing a Slender Crunch and losing weight?